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More Than 1,000 Bills Signed into Texas Law

Next Monday, Texas Lawmakers return to Austin for Governor Perry's Special Legislative Session. But today (Monday), lawmakers are looking over some of the bills that Governor Perry signed or vetoed. Sunday was the deadline to take action on all filed bills. Lawmakers sent 1,405 bills to the Governor's desk. Governor Perry signed 1,019 of those bills. Forty-eight bills were vetoed and another 14 became law without Perry's signature.

To view a complete list of the bills signed or vetoed, (click here ).

A major victory for Lubbock in the Legislative Session was Senate Bill 1941. The bill allows Lubbock to sell water from Lake Alan Henry to other counties like Kent and Garza. The measure secures the future of drinking water for not only Lubbock, but for the surrounding counties as well.

Senate Bill 959 goes into effect immediately. Senator Robert Duncan filed the bill which expands health benefits for spouses of public safety employees who have died in the line of duty. Senator Duncan's office says the bill was created in honor of Kevin Cox's widow Tanya. Cox was the Lubbock Police Officer killed in the SWAT standoff in July 2001. The previous law only allowed the surviving spouse to purchase health insurance if the city or county was self-insured. This bill makes continued coverage available, even if the city or county uses outside health insurance.

Effective September 1st, Texas Universities can set their own tuition rates. House Bill 3015 also known as the deregulation bill gives Texas Tech's Board of Regents the ability to raise or lower tuition. Under the bill, tuition for different types of programs like engineering or education may have different rates. While the bill goes into effect in September, Texas Tech Spokeswoman Cindy Rugely says the regents cannot consider raising tuition until the spring semester.

Texas Tech University lost six million dollars in a line-item veto. Governor Perry chose not to sign House Bill 3526 which would have established the Texas Excellence Fund and the University Research Fund. Texas Tech would have received the six million dollars over the next two years.

Spam or unsolicited e-mail will be under new regulation starting September 1st. House Bill 1282 prohibits e-mail solicitation from false addresses which contain false, deceptive or misleading information in the subject line. Unsolicited e-mails that solicit pornography must list the topic in the subject line. Failure to do so may result in a charge of a class "B" misdemeanor. The bill is the House version of a Senate Bill filed by Senator Robert Duncan of Lubbock.

To view a complete list of the bills signed or vetoed, ( click here ).

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