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Citizens Fight for a Lower Appraisal

Robert Welch has lived in his home since 1973. Bought for the bell-bottom price of $18,000. 30 years later, when the 2003 appraisal arrived in the mail, "You just said it's too much?" asked a reporter. "It's just too much," nodded Welch.

In 2001 his home was assessed at $65,409. Last year that figure was bumped up to $71,950. This year? $79,145. So Monday, Robert Welch went to the Lubbock Central Appraisal District, determined to make his case before the Appraisal Review Board for a lower property value. "I just think I'm definitely over-valued for what the property value is," said Welch.

Sitting next to him? The man who appraised his house. Showing the review board slides of neighboring property which have recently sold for between $85,000 to $95,000. But Welch said the comparisons are unfair. "If I park my '79 Plymouth Horizon between a Cadillac and an Oldsmobile, surely my '79 Plymouth Horizon is not worth what those two cars are unless maybe I get solid gold bumpers," he said.

Welch testified that he hasn't done any major work on the house in eight years, after which the board made it's decision. "We've decided to value your property at $71,939," said the panel.

A reduction of over $7,000, cutting welch's property tax by almost $200. "That'll buy hamburger!" smiled Welch.

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