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Spraying Down the Shigellosis Problem in Lubbock

Shigellosis is a bacteria that spreads when kids don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. The Lubbock Health Department is targeting 260 daycares making sure they spray for a tidy and healthy place for your kids.

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Amy Rickman runs a daycare inside her home. Today, she's taking care of four kids and cleanliness is important to Amy. "Emily and Catherine, Mandy and Zachary. Let's wash hands before lunch," Amy calls for the kids.

To prevent a Shigellosis outbreak, Amy teaches the kids hand washing is a must. She sings the song, 'Happy Birthday' to the kids. And the kids know when the song is over, their hands are clean.

But Amy, along with 260 daycares in Lubbock are now getting extra help to fight the intestinal infection. "Hi Amy, how are you. I'm delivering some Lysol. Lubbock has a big Shigellosis outbreak so we're delivering this to all the home daycares," said Diane Foard, Public Health Nurse for the city Health Department.

That's right, free Lysol! The City Health Department just got a huge donation of Lysol disinfectant spray and toilet bowl cleaners from the Lysol company. "We heard about the outbreak of the Shigellosis virus and bacteria. We wanted to help. We did this last year in Cincinnati. And we wanted to help the fight here in Lubbock," said Lysol representative, Stephen Ayala from San Antonio.

720 Lysol products will be handed out to all 260 Lubbock daycares for free. And for Amy, getting every daycare on the same track will help with Lubbock's problem.

"It's a concern because you do have illnesses coming into the house all the time and you need to be aware of it and be on top of it so we have healthy kids," Amy said.

If you're operating a daycare and need your free supply, you can stop by the city health department on the corner of Texas Avenue and 19th street.

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