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Lubbock Man Indicted on Housing Scams

Tonya and Richard Sanders their dream of owning a home turned into a nightmare. "We went and sat with Ken Turner and said this is what we want asked him how much it was and everything we signed papers on it," says victim of scam Tonya Sanders.

After paying Turner more than $3,000 and agreeing to give him the rest in installments, the Sanders say Turner never delivered the house they paid for. “He called us back a few days later and said look I don't have insurance on my truck, can you bump me an extra thousand to get insurance on my truck to get it across,” says Sanders.

Feeling desperate the sanders gave him another grand, but still no house. "He never showed up never heard from him. We got in contact with him eventually and made the excuse that the state is not letting him get his permit," says Sanders.

The house sat for six months while the Sanders say Turner kept giving them the run around. Saying he needed more money for insurance and permits to move the house. "He said you need to pay me now and all of it up front and I said no we've already given you $1,000 more than what we were supposed to and it's been six months and no house and you want me to give it to you now, I'm not doing that," says Sanders.

The Sanders say the next time they spoke with Turner, it was too late. "My husband and I stopped and walked up to him and said what are you doing, he said I got insurance on my truck finally so I'm just gonna move it down the interstate a ways, excuse me, you're not gonna move it to my house he says no I sold the house to somebody else," says Sanders.

That someone is Elia Barrera. Who offered Turner more money and bought the house about three months ago, but was unaware it was already sold to the Turners. "If I would've known I would never have gotten into it," says Barrera.

Barrera says Turner also gave her the run around and backed out on his promise to make repairs to the house. So she hired someone else to move it. "We had to get someone else to put it down and someone else to do the work he promised to do," says Barrera.

Delia says had she known the Turners wanted the house she would've done what she could to help them. "I feel bad for the other people that he did so bad to and all they wanted was a home to live in," says Barrera. A better home for their two children to grow up in. A home they'll never see, along with the money they gave Turner to deliver his promise.

Right now there is a warrant out for Turner's arrest in connection with the Sanders' case. There are more than a dozen other complaints against Turner for similar incidents.

On Tuesday a Lubbock Grand Jury indicted Turner and 41-year-old Terry Sims on felony theft charges, in connection with this scam. Because Sims now lives in Dallas, his case is being handled separately.

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