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Food for Thought 10/21/10

Inspectors found several critical violations at Cricket's Drafthouse at 2412 Broadway.

General Manager Kevin McBride invited us inside to explain their six violations.

* First beans were not at least 135 degrees.

"The warmer has been fixed, and that's no longer a problem."

* A container of chicken was in a hand sink.

"It was vacuum-sealed chicken in a container, and then we pour the hot water over it to thaw it. They're not suppose to do it in that sink, and they did it in that sink. It's not that the sink is unsanitary or anything like that, it's just not the proper sink to do it in."

* The dish wash machine was not sanitizing.

"The sanitizer solution just needed to be replaced. We got a new order of it in that day, and it was taken care of right away."

* There was no tip-sensitive thermometer.

"We had a thermometer; it just wasn't a digital thermometer. So, we went and got a digital thermometer."

* A dented cans was with usable food.

* The tip of a knife was broken.

Kevin says all violations were immediately corrected.

He says his crew is constantly working to keep their kitchen clean, "As far as everything goes back there being clean, we've never had a problem. We're real big on the "QSC": quality, service and cleanliness. So, we want to make sure those are all done at all times. Especially back there in the kitchen."

Kevin says that's just part of what keeps customers coming back.

"(We're) known for cheese fries, burgers, nachos; we've got great food. All of our food is excellent. (We have) a great lunch crowd, lunch specials, 75 beers on tap, all taps are full at all times now, we get new beers in every month and have live music every weekend. (It's) great place to come on game days, just a good environment to come to, hang out and have some good brews."

Now to the top of the list.

This week - we have a duo of repeat perfection.

Dickey's BBQ Pit at 5217 98th and One Guy From Italy at 4320 50th both serve up another perfect score.

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