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Children's Miracle Network is hosting a dance-a-thon

By Karin McCay| email

Edited by Jordyn Nelson

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) –Look for the twist, the moon walk and a lot of hip hop non-stop for 6 hours on Friday. It's more than just fun. It's to raise money for kids.

For the first time, Texas Tech's Student Government Association is joining UMC and the Health Sciences Center in an effort to raise 12 thousand dollars for Children's Miracle Network in a dance marathon they're calling RaiderThon. 

Hannah Smith, Student Chairman of RaiderThon, says, "We have 300 participants as well as volunteers from the Lubbock community. We have some athletic volunteers involved as well. We are just hoping for more people to come out, and support the event."  Jordan Wallace, an assistant chair, adds, "My favorite thing about the event is that the money is actually staying in Lubbock, and it's benefiting the Children's Miracle Network here.  So it's rewarding because you know where the money is going and you get to revisit those families, and those kids that are actually involved in the Children's Miracle Network."

You have to be in one of those groups to dance, but anybody can watch...and of course, all donations are welcome. For more information, call 742-3631 or go to

Cash or check donations can be sent to


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