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The Finishing Touch: Does It Work?

You're about to meet three people who are about to reveal something embarrassing. They've got hair, and I mean lots of hair, growing out of places, and on places were they don't want hair growing at all.

We'll fix that with this, the Finishing Touch. The makers say it can give you extra smooth results. Yeah, but Does it Work?

Jeshua King, one of the guys who works in production at NewsChannel 11 has hair on his neck. What we have here is a weeks worth. “It's about a week in a half," said Jeshua. Nothing the finishing touch can't trim, we'll see. "I can't feel it. It doesn't hurt or anything," said Jeshua after using the Finishing Touch, but the blade gets stuck. Jeshua said it didn't hurt.

Not bad for the neck, but extra smooth results? I don't think so.

We then targeted NewsChannel 11 Photographer John Berry. So, we started mowing off the hair. And still, no extra smooth result.

We're not done with John yet. John's so hairy he literally has hair growing out of his ears! "So are you satisfied with what it did?" we asked. "Yeah, but I would like it if you did both ears," said John. But, the Finishing Touch pulled again but it looks like the hair is gone.

Now it's my turn. This is a spot where most ladies have hair, the upper lip. It's mostly bad on the corner of my mouth. We used the Finishing Touch on the corners of my mouth. And it took care of the problem. Again, not an extra smooth result.

Ladies and gents, this hair remover does half of what it's supposed to and stopped working many times during the test. I wouldn't waste my money and you shouldn't either. It doesn't work.

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