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Messy, Muddy Alleys Line Lubbock Neighborhoods

There are over 400 miles of alleyways that look like the same after it rains. Muddy and Messy. Granted, the only vehicles driving down these narrow pathways are city dump trucks. But these heavy vehicles leave a big mess behind. The tires alone create ruts that are at least two inches deep. You have to put your galoshes on just to take out the trash.

You think you have it bad at work. Get a load of this job Rey Renteria has to do when it rains hard in Lubbock. He drives a trash truck and he'll tell you it's dirty job sometimes dangerous. "Every now and then a truck slips and hits a gas or water meter. It's caused by the weather," Renteria said.

Not all alley ways in Lubbock look like a muddy mess. Some are paved and others are just well taken care.

Take for instance the alley behind Buddy Neugebauer's home on 45th St. He takes it upon himself to keep his portion neat. It may cost him roughly $200 a year, but he says it's worth it. "It took four pick-up loads to do the alley. I use a specific kind of rock that I get from a rock store," said Buddy.

You know why he's taking matter in his own hands? NewsChannel 11 asked the city and street engineers say alleyways are the property owners' responsibility. And there's more. City street engineers says there's well over 400 miles of unpaved alleys in Lubbock. If the city paves all of them, it could cost more than $63 million of your tax money.

So, the city's caught in a rut. But will stick with the cheaper route for the benefit of tax payers. Just cover the muddy holes. "We'll call in an area after a rain storm and the truck goes through there and you have pretty good size ruts. After it dries up, we have our streets department put it on their schedule and they'll fill it so we don't get any complaints of making a mess," said Renteria.

Amarillo street engineers say they have over 277 miles of unpaved alleyways compared to Lubbock's 400 miles. There's also Texas cities that don't have alleyways at all.

You can file a petition to get your alleyways paved. But keep in mind, it will cost you if the city does the job for you.

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