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Lubbock Chamber Says 'No' to Redistricting

With the special session set to begin Monday, redistricting committee members fanned out across the state to get public opinion about the matter. It's this very issue that prompted Democratic lawmakers to flee the state and hide out in Oklahoma last month. Now, the Governor has called a special session which proposes redrawing the lines.

Lubbock is currently lumped together in District 19 with Midland and Odessa. Under the proposed map, Lubbock would be lumped together with Abilene.

Wednesday's hearing proved one thing: Texans are still very much divided on this issue.

Amarillo's Claudia Stravato drove down to Lubbock to express her disgust at redrawing Congressional lines in Texas. It's been just two years since the federal courts redrew the lines. "These guys are trying to figure out how to better draw a pie so they can have more power, and that's shameful," says Stravato.

Stravato says redistricting is a waste of taxpayer dollars, and doesn't think it should be done again until 2010. The constitution tells states to do it every ten years. But Republicans, who gained control of the Texas House in November for the first time in 130 years, appear anxious to redraw the lines now.

Skeet Workman, who's family farms and ranches on the South Plains, says the maps should be redrawn to accurately reflect the new voting habits of Texans. "The Republican Party has grown in Texas and it's time to give equal representation to Republicans and minorities in our state," says Workman.

And, this issue is not only personal. Texas cities are now taking community-wide stances based on what's in their best interest. While the Midland and Odessa Chambers of Commerce support it, both the Lubbock and Abilene Chambers of Commerce are now taking a stand against redistricting.

The special session is set to begin next Monday, June 30th. But, will the Democrats even show up? Stay tuned, we'll all find out on Monday.

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