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LISD announces Isett as Chairman of the Oversight Committee for the LISD bond program

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock Independent School District board of trustees and members of the 2020 Bond Steering Committee announced Tuesday morning that the Lubbock ISD Bond Oversight Committee would be chaired by Former District 84 State Representative Carl Isett, if the November 2nd vote passes.

"To be transparent in the community we wanted an outside volunteers, community leaders to monitor and track our progress. Are we spending the money where we said we were going to spend it in the election," said LISD Board of Trustees, James Arnold.

Isett is a certified public accountant. He holds two degrees in finance and has spent his adult life in the finance and accounting world. He served for 13 years in the Texas House where he was a member of the House Appropriations Committee. The volunteer position will monitor and track taxpayer dollars.

"When I made a decision not to speak anymore in public office, one of the things I wanted to do is get more engaged and involved in the community inside Lubbock," said Chairman, LISD Bond Oversight Committee, Carl Isett.

LISD says the $198 million bond would go towards making capital improvements at campuses district-wide.

"The bond oversight committee is about transparency and accountability of tax payers. We made a lot of promises in this bond package and one of them is there is no tax increase in this bond," said Arnold.

Phase one out of four of the bond promises no increase to taxpayers. A well known name, Carl Isett and about 20 others will volunteer to oversee the budget.

"For me this is an opportunity to lift under the hood and look and see what's going on and how it's going on," said Isett.

If passed the money will be spent on improving four main areas. School and academic improvements, arts and athletics, technology, and safety and security. Part of the process will be to consolidate four elementary schools into two, Murfee and Haynes, and Iles and Wheatley something LISD says will save 10 million dollars up front and 2.5 million each year.

"Murfee and Haynes are about to have their third meeting with teachers from both schools then we'll be adding parents to that. So we have a good bit of time to do some quality planning to ensure that the transition is very positive for students, for teachers and for the overall school community," said LISD Superintendent, Karen Garza.

The goal of the bond is to impact every child and every campus in a positive way to stay a competitive district. LISD trustees say the oversight committee will make sure this happens and monitor where the money goes so tax payers don't take any of the burden.

"What we have in LISD is a gem in the ruff. Ranking 21st in more than 1,100 school districts in the state of Texas for fiscal responsibility. The district really does a great job of managing our tax dollars and this is what the committee felt was needed to continue that stewardship," said LISD 2020 Committee Co-Chairman, Mitch Watson.

If you would like to see how the money will go towards your school if the bond passes, click below.

LISD Bond Election Information from LISD

Early voting continues through October 29. Election Day is November 2.

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