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Meet the Man Behind the Memorial

Taking on a million dollar project is no easy task. But that's exactly what one Lubbock man did. From conception to construction, he's seen his project unfold from the ground up.  You've seen him on commercials. Denver Blanscett selling bricks for the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial. But before all those commercials this gulf war veteran began a million dollar project with a dream.

"They've tried to bring it up in the past and you have to go through a lot of channels and stuff, so I just took it upon myself to write the mayor," says Blanscett.

Lubbock War Memorial Images
Take a closer look at the artist drawings of the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial.
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Many letters and phone calls later his dream of a war memorial took flight. He gained approval from the Lubbock City Council, the only problem was where would the memorial go? Soon they found just the perfect place.

"They put us with the freedom fountain because the Freedom Fountain was under construction at that same time so it was a perfect fit," says Blanscett. And since then it's been nothing less.

After a year and half his dream is closer to becoming a reality. "It went by fast because there's so much to do with this project. If it's not one thing there's another," says Blanscett. 

And Denver's had a hand in every part of this project, serving as creator, spokesman, and even, tv personality. "It'll be something I can always carry the pride of starting something. We finished it. This will be something the community will have and hope the whole community is proud of it," says Blanscett.

Even in the spotlight, Denver remains humble. Hoping the war memorial brings recognition, not to him, but for all veterans who have paid the ultimate price. "What touches me is it honors the men and women that have died for our freedom. We can get up in the morning and not worry about bombings and all that. I knew it would be a tremendous amount of work but the supports been overwhelming. We have so many volunteers from the American Legion this wouldn't be possible without them."

Though the telethon may be over, denver says you can still buy bricks or make a donation. To do so you can call the American Legion at (806) 794-9006 . The memorial is scheduled for completion in just a couple of months and its dedication is November 11th Veterans Day. 

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