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KCBD NewsChannel 11 puts the safety bullet to the test

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Each year the number of privately owned firearms in America increases.

And injuries from those guns are the second leading cause of non-natural death in children and adolescents. According to the latest statistics available from the CDC, in 2007 122 children were killed in accidental shootings.

So a Florida man invented a product claiming to make a loaded gun safe. It's called the Safety Bullet. This is the only trademarked safety devise of it's kind. You might of heard of other gun safety products like a trigger lock or lock box.

But the inventor said the Safety Bullet is different. It loads like a regular bullet. When you pull the trigger you will hear a small pop sound and then the gun is locked. So if someone like a child were to get hold of your weapon, they wouldn't be able to use it.

"With Safety Bullets you don't have to go to the gun safe. You have your weapon loaded with one magazine with safety bullet on top and safety bullet in the barrel," said police officer and Safety Bullet distributor for Texas, Glenn Barrow.

It's taking aim at making a loaded weapon safe for less than $25. "I don't know if I've ever seen anything like it. It's easy to use, very easy to handle, very easy to eject. Once it was activated the gun was unusable," said parent and gun enthusiast, Jason Robertson.

Jason Robertson is an avid gun user who hunts and does a lot of target practice. But he's also a father of four young children. He said he keeps a pistol in his home for personal safety.  

"I keep it in a lock box next to the bed. It's a security safe," said Robertson.

Glenn Barrow a police officer and the Texas distributor for Safety Bullet said the product allows you to get a hold of your gun much faster if an intruder enters rather than using a safe.

"You can clear that gun even if the device is lock in five second. Still quicker than having to get out of your bed and go to a safe and get your handgun under stress," said Barrow.

But others packing heat not using a safety device have not been as fortunate. In the news here in Lubbock, accidental shootings have occurred more than once. Which is why the inventor of Safety Bullet made the device because someone close to him had the same experience ten years ago - a senseless accidental shooting.

"Mike Worley knew this and felt there had to be something done about guns and protecting children. Children are our most valuable asset they're our future. So he invented the safety bullet to protect children from uncontrolled handguns," said Barrow.

We had Robertson try the Safety Bullet for him self to see if what the product claims to make the impossible – possible, is really true.

"I've loaded the safety bullet into the clip, loaded it into the chamber and see what it does. The gun is locked. It's completely safe. You cannot load another round into the chamber," said Robertson.

Robertson was shocked by how well the product works to keep the gun safe. "It's actually a lot quicker to eject the safety bullet than it is to get the pistol out of the lock box and load a round in it," Robertson.

"Get your product practice with your gun. Rack, rack, boom," said Barrow.

"After this test I'm going to go out and buy them and put them in all my weapons," said Robertson.

And if you use the Safety Bullet, you can send it back to the inventor and he will send you a new one for free, you just pay shipping costs.

"It's the only insurance policy you'll pay once for," said Robertson.

If you would like more information on the Safety Bullet go to: SafetyBullet4Texas.com.

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