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Teen Drowns at Buffalo Springs

The calm waters at Buffalo Springs Lake betray the panic and terror that consumed the area on Friday evening when an 18 year-old slipped under the surface to the horror of his friends. The group of teenagers had been on a dock on the south side of the lake, jumping into the water.

He was underwater for almost 20 minutes. He reportedly became too tired to swim back to the dock and began to struggle, that's when he went underwater.

Volunteer firefighters searched the lake for about 20 minutes before finding the victim. CPR and chest compressions continued for another 20 minutes until the arrival of Aerocare. The teen was then airlifted to Covenant Medical Center where he died Friday night.

Campers nearby heard loud horseplay, but only realized that tragedy had struck once rescue workers arrived.

"We heard some hollering but didn't realize something was wrong until the volunteer firemen showed up," Randy Ray Bell and his son witnessed the efforts of rescue workers after the recovery of the body. "We heard them yell that they had found him and they pulled him out and started working on him, doing CPR," said Bell.

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