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KCBD NewsChannel 11 gives you a first hand look at what it takes to get hired

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Despite the addition of more than 5,000 jobs in Lubbock since 2007, plenty of people are still looking for work.

Candice Rea is one of more than 8,000 Lubbockites searching for a job right now. She prints off copies of her resume and puts them into her briefcase. She has everything she needs for the South Plains Job Fair. Now all she needs is a job.

She graduated from the Ralls College of Business at Texas Tech and has been searching for a full time position for a year and a half now. She came to the job fair, hoping to end her search. Candice walked up to several companies' booths asking questions about available options."What kinds of jobs are available out there, especially for college grads?" There were several college graduates looking at potential employers at the job fair.

Candice handed out her resumes to several companies. She stressed the importance of meeting new people and networking.

She saw the booth for the Ralls College of Business and asked what they were doing at the fair. "What we're doing is offering the opportunity for individuals to go back to school." Many graduates look into furthering their education with a tough job market.

Candice asked a representative from Wells Fargo what it took to catch their attention. For the available positions, Wells Fargo liked sales experience. "There's so many sales positions, and I don't know that I consider myself a strong salesperson," Candice said, frustrated.

The job fair wasn't quite what she hoped. Many of the openings were in sales. She wanted something closer to her degree in business management. "It's frustrating because of the selection," she said.

Candice says the same situation occurs in her online searches. She constantly updates her resume and floods job sites looking for opportunities. "There's just so many people applying for the same job; It's so competitive. The markets rough," Candice said. For her, online applications are no substitute for a face-to-face interview. Even though she's applied, she hasn't received a call back for an interview yet.

Tiffany Boen is a hiring manager for Tyler Technologies, a software programming company.

We asked her what she looked for in an interview. "A lot of times they'll make it to the interview by their experience, and they'll make it through the interview because of their personality."

Boen says to combat nervous feelings by remembering that employers want applicants to do well at interviews. "They wouldn't even be sitting in that chair if we didn't want to hire them."

In a tough economy, Boen told us she has to pay even closer attention to everything a potential employee can have to offer. "If I need a particular skill set then I need to find that. Maybe before, their personality weighed over that skill set, well now I want both."

Candice understands the challenges a tough economy brings and knows she could have to make sacrifices if she wants to find the right job. "Sometimes I wonder if I might have to leave Lubbock to find what I'm looking for." She told us she's expanded her search to the Midland-Odessa area.

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