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Simple Yet Strong Message For Texas Drivers

"If you are drinking and driving you will go to jail." A simply stated warning from the Department of Public Safety on heightened alert for drunk driving during the July 4th holiday.

"As far as DWI, our DWI activity is pretty high. We do have a high rate," said DPS Trooper John Gonzalez.

At 2:40 Saturday morning a red Oldsmobile was being turned over after flipping on it's side in a one car accident. The driver, tested for sobriety, escaped without injury. The middle-aged woman stood barefoot in a black party dress, her dance partner replaced by a police officer. She desperately tried to learn the heel-to-toe two step, but failed miserably. Cans of Bud Light were pulled from her car. Moments later she was placed in the back of a cruiser.

"We don't want anybody to drink and drive. Make some responsible choices while you're out there. Hand the keys over, call a taxi, call somebody that hasn't been drinking, designate a driver," said Gonzalez.

Solid advice that authorities have been drilling into the public for years, but which still has a tough time sinking in. Last month alone the Lubbock Police Department made 36 DWI arrests.

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