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Motorcycle deaths prompt awareness campaign

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – With two months left in the year, there have already been 26 traffic fatalities in the Lubbock city limits, nine of those from motorcycles, which is why one woman is trying to stop a dangerous trend by taking to the streets.

"People just aren't paying attention. So they need to look before they turn. They need to look before they take off out of a driveway," said, "See Us, Save Us" organizer, Deanna Jandrew.

Last month Police said an SUV collided with a motorcycle after the driver failed to yield the right of way at University and 87th. Both people on the motorcycle were killed, including Chris Winters. Since then, Winters' friend Deanna Jandrew has stepped up the effort to get her message out: "See Us, Save Us".

"The other day I heard the statistic that most of the accidents are caused from people not yielding the right away when turning left," said Jandrew.

Jandrew and others will ride through Lubbock promoting biker awareness November 13th, to remember the nine motorcyclists who lost their lives in Lubbock this year.

"That's just too many. And we had four deaths in one week that's just way too many," said Jandrew.

White crosses will be put up on 87th and University as a memorial and support system for the families who lost their loved one.

"They want to be involved. They're tracking me down and sending me emails and sending me letters and calling me on the phone. I think it's really important to them," said Jandrew.

"I recently just purchased a new helmet, because it's scary. I've been riding around Lubbock for the last three years without one and I told my husband the other day I wanted one," said Jandrew.

Jandrew hopes for 1,000 people to show up. The proceeds from the event will go toward a putting up a billboard with "See Us, Save Us" to reach more awareness.

More information on "See Us, Save Us":

Who: The community of Lubbock

What: Lubbock Biker Awareness Ride

When: November 13th at 10am

Where: Lubbock Youth sports complex-1585 and Milwaukee. Riders leave at 11 taking several routes through Lubbock ending at Ruby Tequilas where we will erect crosses for all the fallen motorcyclists in Lubbock this year

Contact: or Leathers and Laces at 866-0330

This is an at will event:
Any and all participants in this event agree that they are properly licensed and competent to operate a motorcycle in a safe manner and that the vehicle they will be driving or riding is in safe operating condition. They will be riding on public roads and highways and are solely responsible for determining the speed and operational character of their vehicle.
They must understand that the choice of wearing a helmet or other protective gear is solely their own. They must be responsible for compliance for all state and city laws. They are certifying that they are releasing and holding harmless any of the "See Us Save Us "Committee and all of its affiliates against and claims, causes of action, or any other liability of any kind arising from their activity at this event.

Names of the people that will be remembered:

Jim Charles Dickens, 35

Joshua Donnie Otwell, 32

Thomas Horst Mueller, 57

Frank Lynn Merton, 53

Rickey Allen Parks, 39

Tristan Judkins, 24

Chris Winters, 41

Richard Bagwell, 49

Vance Boling, 41

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