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Storm Defender: Anxiety Cape For Pets

It's thunderstorm season in much of the country. As you may know, many pets are even more frightened by the storms than their people are. But an Ohio man may have found the solution. He created a special cape to help his dog overcome anxiety associated with a coming storm, and now he's selling the product online.

Thomas Critzer's dog Cody would go a little wild when weather turned stormy. One night tearing away the wallpaper and scratching biting this wood door.

"I just felt so sorry for him I had to do something," said Thomas Critzer, StormDefender's creator.

And after lots of research, this former electrical engineer and University of Cincinnati teacher did do something. He created a cape for Cody.

"The dogs were triggered by several of which was the static charge in the air the same static charge which produces lighting."

Critzer says the cape's aluminum threaded material on the underside discharges the dogs fur. Critzer says that static charge is what can cause some animals to go panic before a thunderstorm. Critzer has made and sold sixty of capes...with success.

"She gets terribly agitated and afraid when a storm approaches," said Beth Nizely. She and her dog Lacy are one example of a success story. Nizeley says Lacy would keep her up all night during storms, and she would tremble uncontrollably.

But with the storm defender cape... "2:30 in the morning Lacy woke up me, panting and pacing. And I put the coat on her and within two minutes time calmed down went down on the ground..and no pacing no was a miracle."

Even Critzer is surprised his invention works so well, making some dogs feel better and some think...even look pretty good.

"She kind of looks like a little superwoman in it...she loves her little cape."

Critzer has made capes for Chihuahuas and even a horse. The storm defender costs from 55 to 65-dollars and all capes are custom-made. Critzer does say it may take a few storms for the cape to work completely.

To order the Storm Defender cape for your pet (click here).

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