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Proud To Be An American: Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks takes patriotism to a whole new level.. He rides to work everyday on a Harley adorned with the American, Marine Corps, and POW flags, but it doesn't stop there. Even his office is decorated to the highest degree of red, white, and blue.

"I was in the Marine Corps from 68-72. I served in Vietnam from April '69 to August '70," Steve says.

And he still serves by joining fellow veterans in a much different fight, finding a job after military life. "Whether he's disabled or recently discharged we follow up and try to place him in the best job that we can the best suitable job we can," says Steve.

Steve helps veterans, like Don, fight in a competitive job market. "Let's do a search and see if anything is matching up on you. For new vets coming out it's a little bit of a readjustment," says Steve.

And finding jobs for vets is a tough battle. "Vietnam vets are hitting 50 and up some of those are getting laid off because of budget cuts and whatever," says Steve.

After 11 years in the business, Steve has helped hundreds of vets land jobs.

"District Clerk for Lubbock County, customer service rep, here you go, director of financial aid. Any of those sound interesting to you? "It's easy to communicate with Vets cause we've all got common ground common experiences and various things," says Steve.

"I don't think a day goes by when I don't think about some part of Vietnam," says Steve.

But what keeps him going is knowing he's making a difference one vet at a time.

"I tell the guys when they come in. They apologize for checking on something. I tell them this is one business where we love to lose customers our whole objective is to lose customers," says Steve.

And losing customers means more vets are finding jobs. Just three months ago, Steve was awarded by the Disabled American Veterans Department of Texas for his dedication in helping disabled Vets find jobs for more than a decade.

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