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Covenant Slashing Prices on EBT

If you've complained about the high cost of medical care, you'll appreciate a price break at Covenant that could be a life-saving bargain.

You may remember, I did a story on Electronic Beam Tomography when it was first introduced at Covenant two years ago. EBT, as it is called, is a heart scan which provides frozen images of a moving artery in a beating heart so that doctors can look for symptoms of heart disease in people who appear to be symptom free.

I tried it and was relieved to get the okay for my heart. But for some people, this new technology will reveal that a seemingly healthy heart is actually on the verge of a crisis.

Now, here's what's new. The price of EBT has been reduced now from $591 to just $100. So, if you're interested in this high tech heart scan, ask your doctor if EBT is a good idea for you, because you will need a referral to make an appointment.

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