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Mega-Doses of Zinc Could Be Harmful

When it comes to zinc supplements, too much of a good thing can be bad. A new study finds men who take megadoses of zinc have an increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

The study charted the zinc intake of nearly 50,000 men over 14 years. It found those who took the highest amounts of supplemental zinc, 100 milligrams or more per day, had nearly three times the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer than men who didn't take zinc supplements. We're talking mega-doses.

The FDA says the recommended daily allowance is 10 milligrams a day, and researchers found that actually anything between 10 and 100 was okay, it was just the mega-dose guys who took more than 100 milligrams who tripled their risk of prostate cancer.

You can get zinc in your diet by eating meat, poultry, milk, and dairy products. The study is in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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