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Levelland ISD addresses concerns of possible contaminated candy

By Michael Slother - email

LEVELLAND, TX (KCBD) - Levelland ISD superintendent Mark Holcomb spoke to KCBD NewsChannel11 after a 4-year-old boy was discovered with methamphetamine in his system. Police are still waiting on test results to determine if Halloween candy given out at a Levelland elementary school is to blame.

4-year-old Jamie Chavez is recovering from a Halloween scare nobody expected. 

"Part of the blood work that came back showed there was some type of amphetamine in the child's bloodstream," Holcomb continued. "Of course we're glad to report that he's feeling quite well." 

Jamie had some of his sister's Halloween candy that she got at Capitol Elementary School. Jamie was the only child that had traces of the drug in his system. "The little girl was not affected at all by the candy, but the little boy was affected by something, whether it was the candy or not, we don't know yet," Holcomb said. 

After Jamie's mother suspected the candy, Holcomb asked all the parents to bring back their children's candy to be tested by a DPS lab in Lubbock. Holcomb won't blame the candy until the test results come back. "That would be very difficult because all of the candy was store bought. It was wrapped. It was not cookies or cupcakes," Holcomb continued. "Somebody would have had to go through an awful lot of work to put a syringe in candy," he said. 

He said the school gives out store bought candy from parents and teachers to ensure that it is safe. Since it was an isolated incident there weren't any e-mails or phone calls to parents other than the request to return the candy. "All of the parents were very cooperative in bringing the bags of candy back," Holcomb said. 

While he has his doubts that the drug came from the candy, he'd rather be safe than sorry. "We're trying to make sure the things we do guarantee the safety of our kids and we're always going to be proactive about keeping our schools safe and keeping our kids safe," Holcomb said.

Holcomb says Levelland Police Chief Tony Cowan expects the lab results to be ready as early as Friday.

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