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"Decision Points," hits store shelves today.

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Nearly 1,000 fans of Former President George W. Bush lined up outside a Dallas book store to be among the first at Mr. Bush's book signing Tuesday morning.

The former President's memoir, titled Decision Points hit store shelves here in Lubbock. Some say this is the most anticipated memoir this season.

"This is his home state. This has been a very volatile political year. And he's been silent for the last two years. So I think everybody is ready to hear what he has to say," says Barnes and Nobles store manager, Wade Whatley.

The Barnes and Nobles store manager, Wade Whatley says the presale doubled what Laura Bush's book did, and they expect to sell more than one-hundred by the end of the day.

"Part of it is a way for him to get out his side, to get out his side, his point of view in a way that's unfiltered," says Texas Tech Political Science Assistant Professor, Cindy Rugeley.

It's a tell all memoir with controversial topics, something Texas Tech Political Science Professor Cindy Rugeley says is former President George Bush's chance to break his silence in his own words.

"I watched his interview with Matt Lauer last night. And it was really interesting because he said here's what I did and I'm going to own it. I'm not going to back down from it," says Rugeley.

In the book, Bush discuses 9/11, terrorist attacks and his decision to send troops to Afghanistan and Iraq  and his response to hurricane Katrina.

"Maybe getting some inner details on what was going on, on September 11th. And in many ways that defined the Bush Presidency. After 9/11 the whole world changed, priorities changed, what he was able to do and not do changed," says Rugeley.

"Since this store opened it's been the largest single book order we've had," says Whatley.

And due to the recent political heat between Republicans and Democrats, Rugeley says the timing is just right.

"I think at some point the American public is going to stop holding Presidents responsible for this gridlock and start holding those in congress," says Rugeley, "As for legacy, that's not going to be determined for a generation. It will be a long while before Bush's legacy is set and that will be set by historians and scholars."

"I think it's going to do big things," says Whatley.

The store manager Wade Whatley says the first two days a book hits the shelves they see the highest sales. For Decision Points he expects to sell out by the end of the week.

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