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HealthWise at 5 From 7.4

  • Eye Opening News About Women's Health Risks

Though women have access to more health information than ever before, a recent survey finds that there are still misconceptions. The telephone survey conducted for the Vagisil women's health center, found that nearly half of the women thought breast cancer was the leading cause of death for women. When instead, heart disease is number one. Additionally, 42% of the women didn't realize that ovarian cancer has no obvious signs in its early stages. Regular visits with your physician and frank discussions are recommended as ways to make sure you know the facts about your health.

  • Outdoor Medicine

Seeing some green as in trees, leaves and grass, can make you feel better. Studies at the University of Illinois Human Environment Research Laboratory reveal that when people are cooped up in offices or other spaces lacking a view, they feel more edgy, fatigued and aggressive. However, spending a little bit of time outdoors, taking in a view of a green space, or even enjoying indoor reminders of nature can improve your outlook on life.

  • Teens and Tans

A recent survey of over 10,000 teens found that only about a third of the kids surveyed used sunscreen on a sunny day. The American Academy of Dermatology study also identified indoor tanning as a popular practice among people under age 25. The tanning booths were most popular with young women, who feel that indoor tanning is a safe alternative to the real thing. But the AAD warns that the more deeply damaging U-V-A rays found in indoor tanning facilities are actually stronger that the U-V index on a hot, summer day.

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