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Consider This...Election message was clear

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As the smoke clears following last week's elections, it is important to look back at what happened in America while staying focused on the future.

First, the people overwhelmingly said they were not happy with the policies and processions of the current administration. As a result, Republicans took over more seats than both mid-term elections, while President George W. Bush was in office. To say that is historic is an understatement.

So what happens now? Consider This: I hope both sides can come together and do what the majority of Americans want: improve the economy and create more jobs. That is the top issue in America. My biggest concern is that a Republican majority will be just out of touch as the Democrats were. That they'll be more concerned about getting re-elected and who gets credit for what legislation, than they will be about job creation. I hope I am wrong.

It's obvious people across the country want less government and smaller taxes. That's what creates jobs. The best stimulus package is tax relief. I'm glad we are represented by a conservative congressman that shares that belief. I would call on Congressman Neugebauer to continue to fight for those values and issues. It's clear that's how we feel in West Texas and all across the country. And now a majority of representatives just like Randy Neugebauer have a chance to keep this message alive in Washington. Keep government growth in check, keep taxes low, and stay out of our personal lives.

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