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New Test Lets Doctors See Heart in Real Time

Heart disease is by far the #1 killer of both men and women in this country. And for some time, one of the safest ways to diagnose and follow heart disease has been the Echocardiogram, and now, look how that test is getting even better.

A live 3D Echocardiogram actually lets the doctors see the heart working in real time without x-rays or other types of radiation, and in this format, it can give even more valuable information.

"It allows us to tell whether or not there's a blood clot inside the heart. It allows us to tell us whether or not there's any overlying valve dysfunction and to see whether or not the heart is changing its shape over time, which is a major determinant of prognosis in heart disease," says Dr. Jeffrey Stahl, Cardiologist.

The 3D Echocardiogram will not completely replace Angiograms or other invasive tests. But what it can do is allow doctors to track a patient's heart disease simply and use the results to determine who might need those other tests. Plus, this one can be done right in the doctor's office.

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