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Boating Safety on the 4th

"We try to be prepared best we can for whoever shows up," said Game Warden Quentin Terrel. He and Captain Richard Gully are bracing for the 4th at Buffalo Springs lake. Along with the splashing and BBQ's comes the eternal question about booze on the water. "That's the number one question we get all the time about consuming alcohol in a boat," said Gully.

While the rules of the roadway apply in most situations, there is one major difference. "In a boat, an open container is not a violation of the law, so the passenger in the boat can actually be consuming alcohol," said Gully. The driver, of course, faces jail time if boating drunk. And then there are the 'must haves' for being on the water.

"You don't have a fire extinguisher?," Terrel asked a boater. "No sir," he replied. Even though he was on a jet ski, Vincent Rengal is supposed to have one. Watercraft are required to also have life jackets for everyone on board, a horn or a whistle, and the vehicle registration. Vincent got a ticket.

"Is it an expensive ticket?," he asked. "The judge sets the fines," replied Terrel.

Rules and regulations to help you enjoy the 4th, instead of pleading the fifth. "You had the whistle and the life jacket, just not the fire extinguisher. You weren't aware of that?," asked a reporter. "No, I wasn't told that when I bought this," said Rengal.

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