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A Lubbock man's fight to be fit inspires others across the nation

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A Lubbock man weighing a quarter of a ton is fighting to shed the pounds and is inspiring people across the South Plains and the nation to do the same in a ten pound challenge.

In March Louis Constancio, 39, weighed 500 pounds. "Why don't I love myself enough? Where did my life go wrong," said Louis in an interview back in August. He was headed down a dangerous path but was determined to win the battle.

Over the past eight months Flex Fitness became Louis' second home and today he weighs 370 pounds. The smallest he's been in seven years. "Wow, 130 pounds lighter. It's amazing," said Louis. "I went from a 66 waist and now I fit into a 54. So you know that's a foot around myself."

Louis says there's no looking back. "I've burned all my clothes. I'm making new memories now," he said. "My stomach used to lay across the steering wheel when I drove. I have a foot now of clearance between the steering wheel and myself. That's huge for me."

His passion has caught fire with his group, Transformation Club, growing from just a handful of people to nearly 40 members. "One of my friends saw him on the news, and she called me. We came up the next meeting they had and joined," said Samantha Etheredge, 21, a new member of TC.

Since March Louis and the rest of the TC members have lost a combine total of 400 pounds. "He lives excited and so its contagious to so many people. Seeing him do it, other people realize they can do it," said Chris Moser, Flex Fitness owner.

The challenges don't stop there. Louis with the help of Flex Fitness just launched their second "10 Pound Challenge" getting people to take the first steps in weight loss. "Everyone lost at least 10 pounds in the last challenge," said Moser. "We didn't have anyone not reach their goal."

And it's not just for people in Lubbock. "We have teams in Houston, Dallas, and Denver. We have a team in Missouri and we actually got a call yesterday from Mobile, Alabama," said Louis.

"Oh it's awesome. I wish somebody would have done it before. I wish there was a lot more people that could get what I'm getting out of it," said Etheredge.

What started out as a personal goal has become something much bigger than Louis could have ever imagined. "It's my goal for them to reach their goal. I just want them to see the results in their lives. I want them to reach that point where they love themselves," said Louis. "I have this vision of making Lubbock the healthiest city in Texas."

To find out more information on the Transformation Club you can visit their Facebook page by (clicking here.)

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