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Vitamins: Too Much or Too Little?

Vitamins are substances needed for cell function and growth and metabolism. Do you know just how much vitamins you are getting every day? Many nutritionists from places such as Tuft's University say that you should take an 'insurance' vitamin pill every day, but for some people that may be too much.

  • Do you eat a normal diet?
  • Are you on a weight loss diet or pregnant?
  • What other things do you consume every day?
  • Do you eat enriched cereal for breakfast?
  • Are you substituting a diet bar or drink for lunch?
  • Do you use one of those protein drinks?

If you answered ''yes' to any of these questions, you may be reaching the total tolerable intake level for vitamins. You may be reaching a toxic level of vitamins or, if they are water soluble, be throwing your money away.

At that high level of intake, the vitamins may become a problem in themselves. Too much vitamin D may actually leach calcium from the bones. Too much vitamin B6 will cause you to have nerve problems.

To protect against getting whopper sized doses of vitamins, read labels. How much are you getting of the RDA's, recommended daily allowances? If you are getting over the 100% mark, you'd better cut back.

Many nutritionists say that we are overfed and undernourished. To reach an optimum level of nutrition, most of us should be taking one multivitamin each day. Just make sure you are not getting too much of a good thing.

Here are some excellent references available on the Internet to read more about diet and nutrition.

Remember that there is a lot of bad information on the web. People make statements and promises that are totally in error. If it sounds too good, look for information from the American Dietetic Association or a university. You can rely on that.

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