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Willis Trial - Day Two

The prosecution called 11 witnesses Tuesday, many of them bolstering the defense's mission to create reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, at the time Hernandez was killed, most of his friends at the scene of the crime were intoxicated, and in court many of them changed their initial accounts of what they saw.

Willis Murder Trial - Day One
22-year-old Eric Willis is standing trial for the murder of 15-year-old Ishmael Hernandez.
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Inconsistencies over the number of people at the scene, whether or not the victim had a knife. One witness saying that Hernandez was high on cocaine and agitated, others saying that he was tired.

Most damaging, not one of the State's witnesses could positively identify Eric Willis as the shooter. Emotionally, the Hernandez family was hit hardest today when a witness testified that she had, "Cleaned up the blood and brains on the floor," and that it was, "Ok, because Ishmael Hernandez's soul was no longer there." Testimony continues Wednesday.

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