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Community bands together to help a Lubbock family as their little boy improves in the hospital

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A toddler is off of life support after Saturday's house fire that killed his four-year-old brother.

Doctors have downgraded three-year-old Joseph Ramirez's condition to satisfactory on Friday. He is now able to breathe on his own, but still has second degree burns on his face and arms.

"It's hard going to a funeral and then having to go watch your son in pain over in the hospital, so he's still in shock," said Veronica Sierra, cousin to Joseph's father Jesse Ramirez.

While the Ramirez family is mourning the loss of their four-year-old son Jeremiah, and praying the other heals, the community is wasting no time in lending a helping hand. More than 40 community members have emailed KCBD NewsChannel 11 saying they would like to donate clothes, food, gift cards, furniture and other items.

"This family is obviously in a great deal of hurt. There's nothing we can do to bring back the loss, but if we can help lessen the burden even just a little I think we would have accomplished something," said Robin Densford, who is helping the family.

Robin is donating household items and is also giving the family a free family portrait session to replace some of the pictures lost in the fire.

Others like Tiffani Degraff might not be able to give money or items, but she's still helping the only way she can. "If they need somebody to talk to or to listen or just let them know they're not alone, and that I know, I know the pain," said Tiffani Degraff.

Tiffani lost her three-year-old son Christian in a fire back in 2009 and is offering the family her emotional support. "My heart broke for that family. There is no pain like losing a child," said Tiffani. "I want them to know I care about them. I don't know them, I've never met them, but I care about them deeply. My heart runs deep with pain for them right now."

Regardless of how the community reaches out, the Ramirez family says they're grateful for any help. "It touches my heart, and I just want to thank everybody out there that helped us," said Melissa Jimenez, Joseph's great aunt.

As the community helps, the Ramirez family says they'd like to give back as well. "We would like to be able to go to other families and talk about how important it is to check your smoke detector, and how important it is to talk to your kids," said Veronica.

"What happened to Jeremiah can happen to anybody and if I can keep his name alive by talking to other people I will," said Melissa.

Donations can be taken to Melissa's home at 2107 Colgate or you can call her at 806-777-7163.

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