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Church feeds more than 800 people free Thanksgiving meal

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Volunteers from the area came to First United Methodist Church in Downtown Lubbock fed more than 800 people a Thanksgiving meal on Saturday. 

The church has been a part of the Community Thanksgiving for 18 years. It's open to anyone. United Supermarkets and Gandy's provided the food. Around 200 people volunteered to help serve the food.

Delores Cavarrubil and 2 little ones were just 3 of more than 800 people who received a free Thanksgiving lunch. "We just came to eat, we heard it on the radio station, and there were a lot of people here," she said. 

New senior minister Craig Curry is serving for the first time since after starting in June. "The goal is to serve the community," Curry continued. "The goal is to be able to be a minister to the community to help the community realize that somebody cares." 

Albert Sechrist has served since the program started 18 years ago. He says a lot has changed since then. "We started out serving in the Outreach Center down there and not much space, two or three hundred people and the last few years [here] we've been serving around a thousand," Sechrist said. 

Gloria James looks forward to the meal every year. She says it's appreciated by those who are less fortunate. "I thank the lord. If it wasn't for the good lord above us, poor people wouldn't have nowhere to go," she said. 

Melanie Neal and her family were glad to volunteer for the first time together. "We have plenty of food, we all love to cook and love to eat; to be able to share that with people is quite the ministry," she said. 

Ben Finlayson was one of many kids from local youth groups who gave up their Saturday to send a message. "I want the guests that come in here to take away that someone's there for them that they definitely have a place that they can go to. The people serving, I want them to know that they can make a difference in people's lives by doing things like this," Finlayson told us. 

"This is part of the power of bringing people together," Curry said. "I think this is a great thing for us as community people to realize what we can do together."

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