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Lottery Fever Hits Hub City

Destination New Mexico. Lubbockites have 250 million reasons to drive 90 minutes to Texico to buy their chance of hitting it big. 

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"We came because of the lottery being $250 million," says one lotto player.

"Hopefully we just will win the money and be able to take care of our kids and live at ease," says another.

Allsup's in Texico says they sold hundreds of tickets in just a matter of hours. Dozens of them to Llubbockites who have one thing in mind. "Hopefully just win!" says one hopeful.

The Clovis highway has been filled with people from Lubbock heading to New Mexico hoping to turn a dollar into $250 million. 

"Taking a chance you know one in what, 800 million something like that that's pretty good odds," says another hopeful. 

In fact the odds against winning tonight are about 120 million to one. It's not impossible

"I've got mine," says a clerk at Allsups. 

And hopefuls are already making big plans in case they win it big.

"We want to help our church," says another lotto player.  

"If we win right now the first thing we're gonna do is take the kids to Disneyland," says another hopeful.

The winning ticket after taxes is worth $100 million.

If no one wins Wednesday's jackpot the next powerball jack pot will be a record $325 million. By this fall, Texans may not have to drive to another state to play in multistate lottery games like powerball. The Texas Lottery Commission was recently given the authority by the legislature to enter a multi-state game. Powerball is made up of 26 individual lotteries. Mega millions is made up of 10 states. Texas could decide not to join either game. The executive director of the Texas lottery is expected to make his recommendation to the commission at its July 24th meeting. 

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