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Willis Trial - Day 3 - The Recorded Confession

The prosecution continued its courtroom campaign Wednesday to convict Eric Willis of murder. Calling up a forensic pathologist, a ballistic expert, detectives, bringing the three-day total to 21 witnesses.

So much testimony that at times the courtroom grew stale. But at mid-afternoon, a dramatic shift, when the jury hears the recorded confession of Eric Willis. "He (Hernandez) had something. He was coming toward me with it. I didn't mean to shoot him."

"He's sorry, he's so sorry," said Johnny Lee Foster, Eric's father. "I know my son didn't mean to do it. I never raised my kids to hurt nobody," said Foster. Eric, he says, was simply trying to frighten Hernandez, not shoot him, but the gun was already cocked, a hair-trigger sensitive to the touch. "It was more of an accident than anything. He meant to do what he done in a way of scaring somebody, but it didn't happen like that," he said.

At the end of another long day of testimony, a relative of Ishmael Hernandez broke down outside the courtroom. Two families torn apart on a summer night last august. One now looking for justice, the other forgiveness. "My heart cries out for them, they're good people. They seem like a nice family," said Foster.

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