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Alex Brown's family returns home to a surprise; one day from their new home

By Michael Slother - email

SEAGRAVES, TX (KCBD) - More than 1500 people were at Seagraves High School today for a celebrity appearance as a part of Extreme Make Over Home Edition. It was also the Brown family's first appearance since their trip to New York.

Usually you wouldn't find a long line of kids hoping to get into school; especially on a weekend. Not on Sunday. The line was around 3 football fields long and some camped out before noon to make sure they got in. "We heard it was a celebrity, we heard it was Justin Bieber," said Keri Geller. She drove the 60 plus miles from Lubbock.

Bieber wasn't the special guest but he did have a video message to the 750 people who got a seat inside. In the video he tells the audience he's pledged to not text and drive and encourages everyone else to sign up. 

The pledge follows the Buckle Up, Stop Texting campaign, or B.U.S.T. KCBD and the Brown family started spreading the message last year after Alex's tragic accident.

Katrina, Jeanne, and Johnnie Mac all showed up to their daughter's high school for the first time since being in New York where they waited on their new home to be finished in Wellman. They were surprised with a video of 50 schools in 50 states whose students pledged to stop texting and driving. 

Emotions filled the room as the family watched Alex's story reach beyond the Lone Star State. The special guest was teen actress Emma Roberts, Julia Robert's niece.  She told the audience she had been ticketed for texting and driving and said their story has kept her from doing it again. She wasn't the only one to hear the message. "Texting and driving, we just don't do it," Rebecca Dimak continued. "On the way over here my daughter said ‘Mom what are you doing?.' She thought I was texting, but I wasn't."

As for the Brown's new home they'll see it for the first time Monday. The reveal is scheduled to start  Monday afternoon around 1:00; the public is invited to attend. Designer Paige Hemmis has been working on Katrina's room and talked with us about her time in Texas. "We were a little worried when we heard there were only 300 people in the town of Wellman but we've had literally thousands and thousands come out and it's a great testament to how wonderful people in West Texas are." 

Representatives from the show say they still want your donations for the Remember Alex Brown Fund, you can donate by clicking here.

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