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West Nile Virus Hits Lubbock

Scientists have captured mosquitos from 4 different areas in Lubbock that all test positive for west Nile virus. "They sent some mosquitos off and they're pretty sure they carrying West Nile." That's exactly why the City of Lubbock's Vector Control is taking action. Joe Vargas says, "What we're doing is increasing our spraying in the locations where they found it and not only that all over the city we're been targeting the whole city and county of Lubbock."

"We've been getting numerous complaints from all over." In fact Vargas says he receives hundreds of calls everyday from residents with mosquito problems. His crew is working day and night to fight them off. "Our crew has been going out every night and they've been working weekends and long hours and we're gonnna continue doing this until we knock them down."

Ken Condon with the Lubbock Health Department says it's a tough battle because many people are unaware they have been infected with West Nile. "Certainly it's a public health concern 80% of people who get infected with West Nile Virus will have no symptoms at all. 20 % will have mild symptoms maybe fatigue muscle ache. Some tremors or nausea vomiting cramping things like that and then 1 out of 150 might have severe disease."

Still the health department says there's no need to panic. "We don't expect an outbreak of people with West Nile Virus and again 80% don't show symptoms at all so we may have people out there who have West Nile Virus and not know it at all."

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