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Home lost to fire Thanksgiving morning

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Red Cross is helping a couple who lost everything in an electrical fire in their trailer home Thanksgiving morning.

"I was cooking thanksgiving dinner then I heard some screaming going on so when I came out. I looked up and the whole trailer house was on fire, just engulfed on fire. Something terrible and we tried our best, there was just nothing we could do. I was just telling everybody to get out the way and I turned off both gas meters," said Roland Prieto, a nearby neighbor.

The volunteer Woodrow fire department responded to the trailer on the 2600 block of County Road 7650. Prieto said the husband was in the trailer when the fire started and was able to get out through the window, with neighbors help. His wife was in a neighbor's home at the time of the fire.

"They pulled him out luckily, because he was asleep in that room on the side of the house. When I was coming out here there was another guy named Burt breaking out the window. Everything happened so fast. In the process of doing that he cut his hand," said Prieto.

Prieto said that it took less than two minutes for the fire to engulf the trailer. And the fire also knocked out the power to the surrounding neighboring trailers.

Shortly after fire officials left, the fire rekindled, however neighbors said the firemen quickly responded to put out the fire.

The trailer home is a total loss, but no injuries were reported.

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