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3-year-old burned in house fire released, mother thanks community for help


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A three year old boy burned in a house fire two weeks ago is finally home with his family just in time for the holidays, and they say their grateful for the community's outpouring of donations.

The fire sent Joseph Ramirez to the hospital with second degree burns on his arms and face. His four-year-old brother Jeremiah didn't make it. "I don't think he knows. He keeps asking for him," said Crucifica Castillo, Joseph's mother.

Too young to understand what happened to his brother, Joseph doesn't realize Jeremiah won't be coming home. "When I'm alone that's when I deal with it. I don't let them see me, especially my kids because I don't want them to see me hurting," said Crucifica.

Their world had been turned upside down by a fire that lasted less than two hours, but with Joseph coming home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the family had much to be thankful for.  "It was great. We were able to spend Thanksgiving together as a family, so it was wonderful," she said.

Joseph still has a long road ahead of him. Bandages and burns still cover his fingers, arms, shoulders, and back, but the burns to his face and ears are almost completely gone.

But that's not all the Ramirez family had to be thankful for. It was through the community that Crucifica, Jesse, and their kids had a place to come home to.

Jesse's employer Bruce Thorton Air Conditioning paid six months worth of rent for an apartment for the Ramirez family to stay in. "When we got there a lot of stuff was already here like the beds, couches and food. The whole company got together and just starting putting things together for my family," said Crucifica.

All across the South Plains and as far down as San Antonio people donated what ever items they could to the family. Their small apartment and a storage unit is now full of donations given by family, friends, and complete strangers.

"We're grateful that everybody helped because we wouldn't have been able to it on our own," cried Crucifica.

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