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Consider This..West Texas Wasteland

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A report last week revealed that new rules are being considered at the state level that would basically allow West Texas to become a toxic waste hub for other states around the country.

The commission in charge of these rules is proposing to allow other states a chance to dispose of low-level radioactive waste at a facility in Andrews County. Right now, the site is only allowed to store waste from Texas and Vermont. This would open the door to 36 other states. The deadline to protest is December 26th. This proposal was posted for public review last Friday.

Consider This: This kind of toxic waste storage on a potentially massive level is not just an Andrews issue, it is a West Texas issue. To me, the idea of making West Texas a sort of "Wasteland Central" for the entire country's radioactive waste doesn't sit well. More importantly, I have a problem with this happening before out Texas Legislatures have a chance to weigh in. Maybe they have, and if so, why are we just hearing about it?

This kind of waste is permanent and West Texans will have to live with it for many, many years. But yet, we only have 30 days to review it and speak out? It seems a little one-sided to me. The good news here is there is still time. You can reach the Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission at 512-814-7019.

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