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Pumpkins a Plenty in Floydada

We've talked about a few things that make Floydada special, but Floydada is best known for their pumpkins. People from across the nation have heard of Floydada as the Pumpkin Capital USA and each year people travel many miles to pick their own pumpkin from the patch.

But what is it about Floydada that makes is a breeding ground for pumpkins? NewsChannel 11's Ashley Stacy explains.

Every fall Floyd County is a colorful patch of orange, white, yellow and green pumpkins.

"Every body wants something different. We have a lady that wants her cornucopia basket that wants the small gourds. We have people that want a gourd for painting or arts and crafts, we have a young man that just wants a jack-o-lantern, then we might have someone else that comes out and spends $200 or $300 for hay bails, corn stalks and all the different colored pumpkins, that way they can make a complete display in their yard. So its really prone the individual shopping," said Tim Assiter, a Floyd County farmer.

Tim Assiter's family has been pumpkin farming for more than 40 years, they have some 650 acres of pumpkins in Floyd County and are the biggest retail seller in town.

"Floydada is known as Pumpkin Capital USA. A lot of the advantage we have in Floydada from people knowing us is from diligent work by our Chamber of Commerce and some of the early raisers that went out and advertised Floydada as Pumpkin Capital USA. And people we found they want a Floydada pumpkin. And there are some of us that have stickers that say this is a certified Floydada raised pumpkin and when those go to Dallas they bring in more money than pumpkins from other places", Assiter said.

The reason Floydada is known as the Pumpkin Capital of USA is simply because they registered the trademark of the name. They don't produce the most pumpkins or the biggest pumpkins, but they are proud of their pumpkins and they celebrate it every year.

"I think we have the right soil and the right temperature, I think one of the main things though is education. You can grow pumpkins in a lot of places but we've been doing it for so many years that I feel we have experience and know what chemicals and what fertilizer and know what time to plant them so I think the experience is as much as anything," Assiter said.

Whatever the secret, farmers in the area work hard to produce the crop. As a matter of fact, Assiter says raising pumpkins takes three times the care and attention of cotton. This time of year pumpkins are already starting to bloom, they'll harvest this years crop in September.

On an average year, Floyd County boasts 1200 to 1400 acres of pumpkins, but this year, it could be even greater this year, rain and hail has wiped out most of the other crops in the area., so many farmers added pumpkins late in the season.

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