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Meet Dr. Salman Ahmad of Floydada

Floydada may be a town of just under 4,000 people, but double that and you still don't have the number of patients who drive to the Cogdell Clinic to see Dr. Salman Ahmad.

Funny thing is that Dr. Ahmad has a pretty good drive every day over here, too. He lives in Lubbock, but for eight years now, he's been making that same trip to the office, 55 miles in the morning and 55 miles back after the last patient leaves at night. Dr. Salman Ahmad says the friendly folks of Floydada make it worth the long drive to get there.

Dr. Ahmad says that his driving force is the appreciation that the people of Floydada have for him. His patients love him and he loves his patients.

He serves close to 8 to 10,000 people from surrounding communities and Floydada. He says that it's easy to see patients day in and day out and still provide good care but to be able to feel connected with his patients is what he really enjoys the most.

Dr. Ahmad is the only physician at the Cogdell Clinic, but he has a pretty good team to support him.

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