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The Palace Theater Turns Into A Home

The Palace Theater still stands along Floydada's California street, just as it did in 1929. "This was the way the theater looked when we bought it." Wanda Williams and her husband, bought the Palace Theater in October 1982 and spent a year remodeling it. "We didn't tear anything up. We left everything like it was and there was two chandeliers and one in the dining room."

The renovation project was not so the Williams could re-open the theater, it was so they could make the theater their home. Williams says, "The first date I had with my husband, we wound back up in Floydada and went to a midnight show. We sat where one of our devanes was and I was thinking if someone had told me back then that I would've wound up with that man and lived in that house for 17 years, I would've thought they were crazy." Wanda and her son moved out of the Palace Theater in 1996 after her husband died, but now the theater is home to a new family, the Quisenberrys.

From, the front of the Palace, it still looks like a theater. You can find remnants of the Palace all around the home, from an original chandelier, a dressing room door, a stack of film reels and a lone movie seat. But when you peer through what was once the projection room, you see quite a different view than theater-goers saw in 1929. Where the screen once was, is an apartment. And downstairs, where the seats once were, is a three bedroom house built inside the palace theater.

Owner Melodi Quisenberry says, "It still has a slope. The slope is here, where you would walk down into the seats and come down into the theater." If you follow the slope, it leads you to an indoor patio which was a selling point for Melodi Quisenberry. "I liked the fact there is no gardening because I'm not a gardener."

But the theater house-does have its downsides if you ask 8 year old Rance. "Daytime, nighttime, noon, if no one wakes you up and you don't get a feeling to wake up, you just stay asleep because it's so dark."

So, it may be a little dark and hidden from the naked eye, but what once spelled out entertainment for hundreds,now simply spells out home. Williams says, "Well a lot of people thought we were smart to do this and some people thought we were crazy but it worked a long time for us."

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