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Lubbock war veteran gets community help to be reunited with his children

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A disabled Lubbock veteran will be able to live with his children again thanks to volunteers. On Thursday, crews started to split apart a double wide trailer that will ultimately bring a family together. It's called Operation New Beginnings.

"A family is supposed to be together," explained Al Perez. He says when money and space were limited he had to make a difficult decision. "I knew if they [my children] were with my parents or younger brother, they would have a stable home," added Perez. 

His daughter Veronica is excited about the opportunity to live with her father again. "It will be real good because we can all be together again and we can actually do things," she said. 

He served in the Persian Gulf War. Memories from battle left him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"I ended up killing 3 Iraqis at close range, seeing a lot of dead bodies, burnt bodies in the war," he said.

The Veteran's Administration helped Perez see the doctors and get the medicine he needed. Due to concerns about the trailer's condition they didn't release the funds to move the home Perez bought for his family. He has land in West Lubbock County, but the trailer he purchased off Craigslist is near Slaton. Perez needed help to moving the trailer.

That's where Jerry Renfro of J & P Movers in Slaton got involved. "He called me and said he and his wife had talked about it and they were going to move it for free," Perez told NewsChannel 11. Perez and Renfro had never even met.

Renfro, a veteran himself, said the job would usually cost around $4000. He just wanted to help a family in need. "I know these kids they want to be with their Dad." Renfro continued. "I know their Dad wants to be with them. He's a disabled veteran; there's only so much he can do." 

Thursday, he and a few other volunteers worked on the roof, cleared the inside, and then split the trailer into two pieces, ready to be carried off. 

After an entire day's work- the house is ready to move. With help, Perez can give his family a place to call home. 

After the home is moved, Renfro says there's still a lot of work to do. He told us one person donated 60 gallons of paint, one company volunteered carpet, and another business wants to help with the sheet rock. Renfro encourages donations to Operation New Beginnings at any First Convenience Bank. Anyone interested in volunteering their time or materials to help fix up the home can call (806)-445-6370 or (806)-445-2178.

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