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Floydada's History Holds Legend, Historic Glove, Race Cars

When Floydada became the County Seat, there was a celebration in the Town Square. Two steers were killed for an "All-you-can eat" BBQ. Three barrels of whiskey were set up with tin cups for self-service. The party was supposed to go all night long, but a fight broke out at the square dance between two men described as an overgrown boy and a domineering fellow.

The town grew quickly. Five grain elevators, three cotton gins, Model T's on Main street and all located just seventeen miles from the edge of the Caprock. The Blanco Canyon Region, an area where Coronado searched for the Cities of Lost Gold. A long, arduous expedition, where, along the way, one of his men dropped a chain mail glove.

Now found in the Floydada Museum. It's also where you'll find Carolyn Jackson, the Director of the Museum and an expert on a thing called a Madstone. "I can't believe you haven't heard of a Madstone. Supposedly, its from the stomach of a deer, used to treat Rabies. They put the Madstone into milk, bring it to a boil, apply it to a bite, and if it adheres there's poison there." said Jackson.

Legend has it, the Madstone saved a young boy by the name of Willie, who'd been bitten by a Rabid cat. "They said the milk was green and yellow with scum when it had drained the poison from the bite." said Jackson.

It's difficult to determine if the mysteries of the Madstone were ever explained in the Floyd County School System. By 1923 there were 32 rural schools with 68 teachers. When Texas Tech was establishing itself, Floydada was hoping to be its home. A group of cities were lobbying the school to set down roots in their community. Thus the creation of the brief of argument for the locations of Texas Tech at Floydada. It promotes climate conditions, water supply, accessibility, and moral conditions.

Floydada is also home to the founding father of the Funny Car. Inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame, at least 10 of Don Hardy's cars won NHRA National Championships. Hardy's witnessed the history of horsepower.

"Well when I started they were around 200 horsepower and then they eventually went to 2,000. Today, some experts say around 5,000 horsepower." said Hardy.

And that, is a glimpse of Floydada's History, from Model T's to Monsters.

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