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City approves new rules & regulations for downtown

By James Clark | email  

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – New rules and regulations are in effect for portions of downtown Lubbock.  The City Council approved three out of six proposed "Central Business District" zones Thursday.  The remaining three zones are still under development for future consideration.

"We're lucky as a downtown in that our downtown has not hit bottom," City Planner Randy Henson told the council.   "I know that many of you have traveled to different other cities and they have allowed their downtowns to go below par.  And ours isn't." 

Up until now much of the downtown had been zoned as commercial property in a category called "C4".  Henson says, "The difficulty ... in C4 is that there are no development guidelines for new construction or major reconstruction.  So we could have business come into the downtown area that did not fit the vision."

The vision to which he refers is a comprehensive master plan for downtown redevelopment previously approved by the City Council. 

Henson is quick to point out that existing businesses are "grandfathered" or exempt from the regulations.  Only new construction or a major re-construction would be subject to the new Central Business zones.   

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