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Share the gift of food this holiday season

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) - This Monday KCBD NewsChannel 11 and the South Plains Food Bank will kick off the 28th annual U Can Share food drive.

It's one of the largest food drives across the South Plains. Boxes and boxes of food line the shelves in the dry food storage at the South Plains Food Bank, but all of the boxes are Christmas goodies that will soon go to families across the South Plains. Once they're gone the shelves will be empty, and that's where you and the U Can Share Food Drive can help.

"It is tremendously important because it not only raises a lot of food for the food bank it also raises funds for the food bank," Lynn Garcia, Director of Development at the South Plains Food Bank, says.

"The food that we collect at this drive will hopefully put us into March (of 2011). Our goal this year is 500,000lbs of food and $100,000, and it takes the whole community and actually the whole South Plains to make that happen."

And South Plains Food Bank executive director David Weaver says, during the season of giving your donations are needed more than ever.

"In a normal week we will distribute about three trucks loads of food from the South Plains Food Bank; come November and December that number goes up to about six truck loads of food."

"When you really start looking at the numbers and the statistics, it means that 1 in 6 on the South Plains is at risk of being food insecure. That means there are times of the month where they're not sure where their food is going to come from," Weaver says.

"I remember a story of one little girl who came here with her grandmother. She looked at the food box and got a big smile and said, 'Grandma, we're rich again!' and it's the little things like that that you and I might take for granted, but it makes all the difference in the lives to the children and the seniors and the working poor that we serve." Weaver adds.

Every month, more than 5,000 families across 25 counties benefit from the donations at the South Plains Food Bank.

Just $1 provides five meals, but it's the joy of giving that really pays off.

"It's just lots of fun and excitement out at the drive; we just want everyone to join in, and we have such a great community and they are always so wonderful to support this drive," Garcia says.

The food drive kicks off Monday and runs through Saturday.

We'll be live at the main drop-off location at United Supermarket on 82nd and Frankford each day during our noon, 5, 6 and 10 o'clock newscasts.

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