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We Salute Pharmacist Bob Collier in Post

Meet our country doc from Post. Except Bob Collier is quick to tell you that he's not a doctor. He's a pharmacist. Even though folks always called his dad Doc Collier when he started up the pharmacy back in 1908. Bob takes his training seriously.

In 1966, he was featured in Time Magazine as the best pharmacist in Texas. Now, nearly 40 years later, his pharmacy serves about 2,000 people. It is evident that Bob Collier's drug store is more than just a pill place, it's a gathering spot with a healing heart.

Bob Collier has always enjoyed good relationships with his customers. He says he's got the best customers in the world. He loves the fact that the people from Post have the freedom to come to the pharmacy and talk to each other and discuss their problems, but most of the time, it's always a lot of kidding and football is always big.

He says that he enjoys the responsibility and the feeling that they are doing something worth while. They pray for their pills a lot of times, that the Lord's healing grace will be in the medication, and he says that it helps sometimes.

So, in this day when big companies are pushing out the mom and pop drug stores, we salute Bob Collier in Post, probably one of the few places left where you can still get prayed over pills.

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