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Lamesa Economy, Developing One Business at a Time

Halfway between Lubbock and Midland you'll find the West Texas sweet spot for commerce, transportation, and trade.

"We are, in essence, the bridge between the Permian Basin and South Plains between Lubbock and Midland-Odessa," says Cris Norris, President of Economic Development in Lamesa.

He's working on a campaign to show off Lamesa's biggest asset: the slogan -- "Location, location, Lamesa."

"Not many small towns in West Texas can say that. Seven different highways stem from Lamesa, heading in all directions reaching more than 700,000 customers in a 60 mile radius," he says.

Norris also says that it's location that makes any business a success, and that's why Lamesa is a shining star.

"We have a tremendous talent pool of welders, electricians, craftsmen. We have several key manufacturing firms right now," says Norris.

Manufacturing takes up much of the growing job force.

"We've got a tremendous talent pool of people that we could access," says Norris.

And he says companies take advantage of the small town atmosphere where familiar faces keep businesses up and running.

"Life is simple, easy, and very rewarding here. We've got lots of time on our hands and lots of space to enjoy that time, and we've also got a tremendous focus on family life. There's a tremendous opportunity. Anybody who is sitting in a large town and they have a service business and they want to move to a small West Texas town and you do it well and you give a good product, people have a tremendous amount of loyalty and they will use you."

And, another selling point for Lamesa is the Ports to Plains highway that will ultimately connect Lamesa to San Angelo and Abilene.

"If we could increase production manufacturing housing in this area and have in ready for the Ports to Plains. We're gonna be in a good situation," says Norris.

The Ports to Plains highway should be complete within the next 10 years.

"Location, Location Lamesa" isn't the only campaign to bring people to this area. The next campaign is "Grow Lamesa." It hopes to bring more industries outside Lamesa, like warehousing and manufacturing, into the new and growing marketplace here.

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