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The construction continues of the world's largest snow cone is underway

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Construction of what organizers hope is the world's largest sno-cone is underway in Lubbock. The shaved ice may break a record and will benefit the Lubbock Children's Home and celebrate the 20th birthday of Bahama Bucks.

It has been a busy day at the Bahama Buck's at 50th and Slide, organizers are going on many hours of shaving ice. "It is some what tedious but it's fun. It's shaving ice, we do it all the time," said Blake Buchanan, owner of Bahama Buck's.

Believe it or not Tuesday Bahama Bucks broke the Guinness World Record for the largest sno-cone. The previous record was about 4,600 pounds.

But Bahama Bucks wants to go above and beyond that record and make their own goal to make sure no one else comes close. The goal is to get the giant sno-cone to 25,000 pounds. To break the record, it will take three days.

Once this sno-cone is done, it will be as tall as a single story house and will feed more than 60,000 people, which is about 25 percent of all the people in Lubbock."We've been storing ice for months now we're starting to shave," said Buchanan.

It takes about five minutes to shave just one block of ice for this soon to be 16 feet tall sno-cone. Bahama Bucks plans on shaving nearly 4,500 ice blocks by Thursday to celebrate 20 years of making sno-cone treats. "We figure with three days on a 12 hour shift. That gets us right about 36 hours a machine on a 12 hour day," said Buchanan

And 14,000 pounds of syrup will be added to make this a tasty birthday cake flavored treat. To make it happen employees will work in three 12-hour shifts before the reveal on Thursday. Bahama Buck's plans on shaving nearly 4,500 blocks of ice and it takes about five minutes to shave just one block.

However, if the weather gets any warmer, employees will have to work through the night.

"Warm weather is a concern, it just makes us shave more ice," said Buchanan. "We're prepared for both sides. If it gets windy, as long as we don't have 50 [degrees] and up, we're fine. But you know Lubbock, it could get really windy here."

For Bahama Bucks this is a way to celebrate and give back with the world's biggest birthday sno-cone.

"Everything is certified, everything is calculated. So it will be an official world record if we break it," said Buchanan.

The proceeds raised from this event are going to the Children's Home of Lubbock. You can purchase a block of ice for $10 and 100 percent of the money goes to the kids. If you would like to donate, go to

We will keep our eye on the progress and bring you details.

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