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Tests reveal Levelland 4-year-old wasn't given "meth" candy

LEVELLAND, TX (KCBD) - Hockley County officials now say that the 4-year-old thought to be given "Meth" tainted candy at a Halloween carnival at a Levelland school was not drugged and there is no known cause for his seizure.

On October 29th, Levelland officers took a report from the Emergency Room in Levelland in regards to a 4-year-old victim testing positive for methamphetamine. The child was taken to the ER after having a seizure. At the time, there was some uncertainty about where the child got the candy; from the school carnival earlier that day, or some other means.

Candy was sent to the Lubbock DPS lab on November 1st and the lab was requested to test the remaining candy, wrappers, empty wrappers, and some other candy found with the child. The lab tested all evidence and it was all negative for meth.

Detectives interviewed the family and told them about the negative results. They questioned the family about the incident in an attempt to gather more information on the possibility of the child coming into contact with meth.

The Child Protective Services office contacted the Levelland Police Department and advised that the medical records were obtained by them and they observed that the test performed on the victim was a presumptive test that recommended follow-up testing. The case worker stated that she did not find any documents that stated that a follow-up test was performed.  They suggested that the child have a hair follicle test to confirm the test performed by the Levelland ER.

The hair follicle test was negative for meth. The CPS office stated to the Levelland Police Department that presumptive test at the Levelland ER was in-accurate.

The Levelland Police Department and CPS are closing their cases in the matter, with recommendations to the family to have the child checked by their family doctor to widen their scope and look for other possible explanations as to why the child suffered from the seizure.

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