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The Perfect Cookie: Does It Work?

Four year-old Lexi and 11 year-old Maverick Staudt love to make cookies with their grandma Louise Newberry in Lamesa.

"I usually eat the dough!" said Lexi.

Hold on Lexi, we can't have any of that this time because we're getting down to business. This family are our cookie experts for the Perfect Cookie maker. A product that claims, well, to make the perfect cookie!

Have you ever heard of the Perfect Cookie?

"No, I haven't," said Louise.

Well, let me just tell you all about it. It costs under $10 and comes with 12 cookie cutters of different designs. Which cookie cutter looks pretty cool?

"I like this one," Lexi said as she picked out the star design.

All right then, let's get things cookin!

This is how it works. You take either your store bought cookie dough or homemade dough and add it to the cookie compartment. We have store bought dough. Then, just click your way to the perfect cookie. Take it away Louise.

"There we go. Interesting. Oh, I kind of made a mound," said Louise.

That's all right, Louise. We'll cut you some slack. She did get better. After cutting a few cookies with that cutter, Maverick picked out one cutter he liked. Sisters can't have all the fun, you know.

Lexi did very well, so did her brother Maverick. Now that all the cookies were cut, we stuck the full cookie sheet into the oven. Within 12 minutes, they were done. Here's what they looked like.

The shapes did turn out all right. Not the best shapes though. But that's not what was on our mind. We were hungry! Lexi ate a cookie, then Maverick, then me, then Louise.

Now, back to the shapes! The cookies didn't turn out as decorative as we'd hoped.

"So, if the dough was cooler, we may have seen the designs," said Louise.

Besides that, the Perfect Cookie did make a believer out of Louise.

"I'm impressed with it. It's simple, easy for the grandkids to maneuver. They're enjoying doing it. I think it's a good product," said Louise.

You heard it from the expert. It works!

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